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Become a Digital Service Provider for IT

A growing number of Telcos are partnering with IT service providers to leverage their scale and move beyond their traditional offer to also sell IT services.

To win at selling IT Services, Telcos have to square the circle — of taking an IT service that has traditionally been sold as a consultative product — to sell it perhaps solely online as a transactional service sale. Many Telcos are already into the second and third phases of optimizing this process.

Cloudmore works with Telcos to deliver a subscription management and billing engine that manages and streamlines the operational processes of selling subscriptions and services. Our extensible APIs connect with OSS/BSS systems and front-end web portals to provide full, end-to-end automation.

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Seamless integration

Cloudmore is built in on a foundation of extensible APIs so that any part of your existing infrastructure can be integrated.

Service Catalog

Add new modules, remove or re-order entire sections, group modules, add custom classes and more.

15 Years of Experience

We have been building the Cloudmore platform IP over 15 years. We therefore understand your challenges and are happy to share our knowledge.