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Active Support

Customer success is at the heart of the Cloudmore offer. Cloudmore organizes customer success activities using three active processes.

Active customer success
Active customer driven development
Active bug management
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Active customer success


The customer success team is responsible for onboarding and training and is the first point of contact for support ticket triage and processing. Our active customer success process ensures that we have an in-depth knowledge of our customer requirements, customer touchpoints and customer preferences.

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Active customer driven development

One of the customer success team’s main responsibilities is to  engage with customers to understand their evolving needs and, alongside the product owner, translate these requirements into a functionality that can be widely used in the platform. Cloudmore does not charge for customer-driven requests, but in some cases, a more significant piece of functionality may be prioritized by paying a Cloudmore Roadmap Acceleration Fee.

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Active bug management

When a bug does slip through our comprehensive testing program, we act swiftly to assess the customer impact so as to set the appropriate priority level. If a customer has identified the bug, a ticket is opened and kept open until the bug is fixed. The development team is focussed on efficiently addressing all technical issues, supported by the customer success team who maintain quality communications and potential workarounds and learning points.

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