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Subscription Management

The subscription model is thriving! This is because subscription sales offer predictable, recurring revenue, flexible pricing options, easier consumer engagement, and they can make marketing much easier. More and more vendors and providers are switching their products to services, and their one-off sales to recurring revenue. Read why you should add subscriptions to your offer.

Managing subscriptions is very different to managing one-time sales. The additional meta-data related to the rate-card, payment frequency, add-ons, renewal and payments all need to be (a.) understood and (b.) tracked. Failure to automate processes and billing can soon lead to a manual-processing nightmare. 

Cloudmore manages and automates all of the elements that inherently make subscriptions so complex to keep your billing consistent and error free. Once the fast on-boarding process is complete, Cloudmore unlocks your business's growth through scale and cost efficiencies.

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Subscription Management



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Enhanced Customer Experience

The customer portal will give your customer 24/7 self-service and billing reports.

Elevated Subscription Management

Remove the complexity from rate-card, payment frequency, and renewals.

Robust Billing Processing

Cloudmore supports one-time sales, trials and subscriptions. The platform also facilitates different payment frequencies, metered billing and in-life changes to services across your customer base.