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IT Service Provider

Supporting your transformation

IT service providers are undergoing a profound change to their supply chains, business models and customer relationships as the demand for cloud subscription services overtakes the demand for perpetual licenses and maintenance.

This change has created a series of new challenges for IT service providers. Transactional IT can result in a lower service margin for the channel, new operational processes are expensive unless they’re automated, and manually managing recurring revenue and billing becomes ever more complex and error-prone as a business grows.

Cloudmore’s subscription management and billing solution provides a one-stop-shop to help IT service providers thrive in a cloud-first world. Whether the primary purpose is billing, customer self-service or subscription management, our IT service provider customers can create a more scalable, cost-efficient and profitable business using Cloudmore.

Cloudmore has recently launched  a new integration in partnership with Acronis, and this is available to all uses of Cloudmore - For FREE! - Contact us for more details or

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Cloud Billing

Cloudmore aggregates billing for one off, recurring and metered services, giving your teams one, easy-to-understand customer report that can feed into your ERP system.    

Subscription/ Product Management

Add new modules, remove or re-order entire sections, group modules, add custom classes and so much more. Bring all of your products and services into one place to optimize marketing, sales and operational processes, including quotes and renewals.  

Customer Portal

Win over new and retain existing customers by giving them a safe place to discover, buy and self-serve 24/7.