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 Cloud Commerce Solution

Simple, Powerful and Beautiful

Procure, sell and manage your services in Cloudmore. We support your customer’s journey from product discovery to billing in a single platform.

A Single Codebase Multi-Tenant Solution
Add all of your services
(and products too!).
Give your sales team
powerful insights.
Create a customer marketplace
to increase wallet share.
Cloudmore platform
Give your customers a portal
and empower them to self serve.
Streamline your billing
and reconcile your costs.
Customize your customer login
for a full white label experience.

Virtual IT’s customers have a full view of their usage information. They can also see how many software licenses or products are available, how many are currently being used, and by who.”


Toby Wakelin 
Chief Operations Officer- Virtual IT

Continuous innovation

Our market space is moving fast and our development team is passionate about keeping customers at the forefront of their peers.  

Continuous Innovation

A SaaS delivery model

Our single codebase, multi-tenant delivery model means that you can get started with our platform fast, and you don't have to pay any big scary upfront fees. All of our customers also benefit from regularly added new features.

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Easy to use

Your sales, operations and finance teams will get value from Cloudmore from day one.


Highly extensible

Connect your business systems to share processes and data and fully automate provisioning using the service connector tool.

Cloudmore is highly extensible

Fully supported

Our customer success team will support you every step of the way.

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Being able to see the products and services that a customer is using enbales us to spot key business trends
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Daniel Cohen
Hosted Solutions Director at Aztek

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