Office 365 automation, management and billing

The Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP)

The Microsoft CSP Program allows you to take control of the billing and management of your customers. Currently, the Office 365 suite of services, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Azure are included in the program. To become a 1 Tier (direct) CSP provider, Microsoft requires that you have the ability to provision, bill and support your customers. They want these processes to be as automated as possible to create the best possible customer experience.

The Cloudmore's Office 365 for Direct CSPs enables you to meet these requirements significantly enhancing your CSP proposition. And with a white-labeled self-service management portal you can offer your customers 24/7 access and support for day to day operations.

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Get to Market Faster

Microsoft activity encourages CSP program partners to differentiate their offers. Cloudmore enables you to bundle services together including your own professional or managed services, add-ons, and complimentary products or services. Because Microsoft publishes end-customer prices for the base CSP services, your customers will buy CSP cloud services from you because of your relationship, unique qualities, and added value. The combination of speed and differentiation mean that the choice of cloud management platform used is crucial.

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End to End automation

From procurement to one-click billing reconciliation. From subscriptions management to individual user control. The Cloudmore covers all Office 365 day to day operations without you needing to visit the Microsoft Admin Center.

End customer pricing can be customized at a global or customer level. Mixed service CSP quotes can be produced, and when you provision a service, subscriptions are allocated to the end-users - including add-ons.

To support direct customer invoicing, multi-cloud billing reports are generated to feed your billing system.

Everything is in one place for you to manage or enable your customer to self-service.

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Fast Start and Low Risk

With Cloudmore, there is no hardware to buy or software to configure, yet it is customizable to your needs. The private cloud store is pre-populated with CSP service information which you can add, change and configured, as required. Cloudmore is available in any Language and currency. It is possible to add any cloud-enabled service from your data center or cloud vendor to the platform. And you can add your professional service, installation, migration and, hardware offers.

You can get started in days!

For those users who require tighter integration, our API can support connections with cloud services and internal systems such as; service management, support, CRM, billing/ERP 

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