Office 365 Management and Automation

Microsoft states that customers are ‘flocking’ to Office 365 at nearly one million seats per month or put another way '50,000 small and medium size companies signing up every month. For the channel Office 365 is a numbers game as the margins are relatively low.

We have recently integrated Office 365 into our Cloud aggregation and management platform and applied our 'simple, powerful and beautiful' methodology to make Office 365 very easy to provision and manage.

Office 365 is configured around subscriptions and users. Once the customer details have been added and users have been imported, they are available for every cloud service in the Cloudmore platform, so no double entry!

To deal with the number of subscriptions we have logically grouped them, so it is much easier to find what you are looking for, here are three views.


Once you have selected the subscription, management is very easy, this simple view shows quantity and status. Information is regularly synchronised to the Microsoft platform so that the data you see is always up to date


Adding users from the company directory within the Cloudmore platform is just takes a few clicks


Adding or removing single users  or multiple users to an Office 365 subscription is simple and fast 


That’s it, the Office 365 tenant has been provisioned on the Microsoft platform ready for further configuration using the tools in the Partner Center.

The Cloudmore platform enables the easy management of many customers but even better is the ability to pass the management of simple changes such as add, removes and changes back the the end customer. We also know that the billing of multiple customers can become a real challenge, check the blog on the link below to see how we have solved this for our users.

If you want to see how we handle billing for Office 365  read this blog, or click the button below to take the next step with Cloudmore.

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