Enhanced New Commerce Experience In Cloudmore

Cloudmore, Direct CSP Microsoft Partners can bring the billing calculation time for Office365 to minutes. Billing efficiency is only one of the reasons many large Direct CSP Partners are now using Cloudmore for CSP automation and Cloud Service Brokerage.

NCE brings new financial risks for Direct CSPs, and Cloudmore features are specially designed to mitigate that risk. 

Microsoft CSP Billing Platform


The procurement and provisioning of any product or service can be partially or fully automated using notifications or the services API.

Price Management

Manage pricing on a global or per customer basis. Create offers and quotes from your service catalog.

Billing & Chargeback

Cloudmore’s reports and exports provide all the information you need to create a summary, or detailed cost and billing reports.

Service Catalog

Select services from Cloudmore’s service catalog and sell these to your users in their curated e-store.

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