Billing and Automation for Direct CSP Partners

Scale your CSP Business with Cloudmore

Cloudmore helps you to deliver exceptional customer service by streamlining your price management, billing and provisioning processes.

Why Cloudmore?

  • We are a leading Microsoft CSP platform
  • You don't pay upfront costs and we use a simple, tiered pricing model
  • We use Microsoft billing APIs to ensure 100% billing reconciliation
  • You get additional Azure spending notifications
  • Optional Azure automated subscription suspension based on spending limit
  • Customer Azure usage reports to report on Tags and Groups
  • Office365 or Azure self-service for your customers
  • Office365 Friendly Names and Purchase Order details in order process
  • Full Audit log for maximum compliance
  • Digitize your cloud management processes
  • One place for managing your product catalog
  • Single version of the truth for pricing
  • APIs connect your business systems for end-to-end automation
  • Delivered as a SaaS service
  • Pre-sales experts who understand Microsoft CSP 
  • Post sales customer success to maximise your investment

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