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Azure billing


When reselling any public cloud service priority number one is to make a profit. Once resources are activated, you pay! If you are buying or reselling Azure, you are going to want to avoid any unexpectedly large bills. For IT providers, fully understanding costs and accurate monthly invoices is key to a profitable Azure business. Check out this guide to see how Azure metered billing can be


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 Cloudmore will reduce costs and improve your customer experience. Delivered as a SaaS service and with no upfront costs, no long-term commitment and a simple % of transaction value price model Cloudmore is the best choice for Microsoft Direct CSP’s.

Streamline billing operations

You can fully automate the end-to-end process with your ERP system or use our simple export-import routine

Control customer pricing on a global and per-customer level.

Office 365 pricing is set on a per SKU basis, with Azure you specify the % margin.

Manage Adds moves and changes without visiting the partner portal

Our CSP subscription is so simple, your customers can help themselves

Easy to understand usage and billing views and reports

Our ongoing fight to simplify the complex brings clarity for you and your customers

Elevated customer self-service experience

With granular permissions, you can offer the level of self-service that is right for your customers

Fast and easy to get started

You can be up and running within a couple hours. First month is free.

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