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Marketplace Services - Price Management

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Marketplace Services - Price Management

Why do this..

Cloudmore makes price management easier, faster and more reliable than ever.
Take the stress out of order processing and invoicing by ensuring that everyone is using the correct prices, with the accurate margins.  Work confidently, without the worry of quoting and invoicing getting processed with out-dated, incorrect prices or margins.

Create a price assurance for your company using a logical price structure that's clean, precise and easy for everyone in the company to use and understand.


Follow the instructions below to learn how to manage your price lists for standard, marketplace  services; these include CSP 0365 and Cloudmore Distribution services.  See the separate guide for managing CSP Azure pricing.

NOTE:- If prices are changes for existing subscriptions, then the new price will be applied at the next billing cycle.  Microsoft 0365 is classed an an annual cycle due to Microsoft locking the cost price for a 12 months.    If you need to change historic prices then contact Cloudmore support.   

In the standard services price list, you manage both your global and specific customer prices.   Global pricing will apply by default to all your customers.  In the customer specific price list, you can set different sales prices for individual customers which will over-ride the global pricing. Global pricing will continue to apply for any unchanged products.   


The pricing you set will show when your customers add new services or managing existing services.  It will also show when you are carrying out these tasks on your customer’s behalf (plus automatically calculate margin %).


The correct sales price will be applied automatically to your monthly billing reports, along with the services billing rules for pro-rata charges, allowing you to quickly and accurately invoice your customers. 


1. Go to price list

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your reseller menu, then click on billing, then price list.



2. Select the price list you wish to manage 

From the dropdown list select the service price list that you want to manage.  

Click search to display the global price list for the selected service. 


To set a price for a specific organization (customer) check the box and select the organization from the drop-down menu.



3. Price List

The following information is provided by the vendor and is automatically updated: -

  • Name – Short product description.
  • Item Code – The vendor reference code.
  • Cost Price – The unit cost price charged by the vendor.
  • Suggested Price – The vendor suggested sales price. 

Cloudmore will automatically calculate: -

  • Margin – (sales Price – cost price)
  • margin % - (margin / sales price)

The sales price will default to the suggested price unless changed (see next step)


4. Change an individual sales price 

Click the pencil icon next to item price you wish to change. 



Click update

Changed prices will be highlighted by a star and blue box (global changes) or red box (organizational changes).


5. Change multiple sales prices (set a margin %)  

Select the products that you wish to set a new margin % for, by checking the box next to each item. 


Scroll to bottom of the price list and enter the new margin %.

 Click apply and then update.  

The new sales price will be calculated and along with the new margin amount and changed items will be highlighted by a star and blue box (global changes) or red box (organizational changes).

Important Note: new subscriptions will use the changed price immediately
For existing subscriptions the new price will take affect when when the subscription is renewed, either monthly, yearly or the period set when the subscription was created

6. Reset a price

To reset an individual product price back to the suggest price, click on the waste paper icon next to item you want to reset.


6. Export a price

Click on the Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 16.29.34.png icon in the top right corner of the price list.


Select the download file format.


The file will then automatically download.





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