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Link 0365 tenants to organization

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Link 0365 tenants to organizations

Why do this..

Linking your 0365 tenants to organizations is required so you can see their CSP services in Cloudmore.  This enables you to manage add, moves and changes, and allow your customers to self servce.    

To get complete billing reports that correlates with your monthly Microsoft invoice you must make sure that all customer tenants are linked.  Unlinked tenant’s data will not show in Cloudmore reports making full costs and sales reconciliation impossible.


Follow the instructions below to learn how to Link O365 tenants to organizations.

 If you have a large number of tenants, then contact who we be able to run a routine to link these in bulk.


You must have completed your CSP setup to complete this step.

You need to link tenants if you have existing CSP customers or when new customer’s tenants are created via the Partner Center.  When new 0365 / Azure services tenants are created via Cloudmore this process is automatic. 

1. Go to Microsoft O365 CSP direct

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your reseller menu, then click on my services, and then Microsoft O365 CSP direct.

Link tenants 1.png

2. Link tenant to organization

Click on link tenant to organization.

Link tenants 4.png

3. Tenant alert

Cloudmore will discover all existing CSP tenants and will show an alert highlighting the number that are not linked to an organization. You should regularly monitor this alter to make sure all tenants are matched as un-matched tenants will not show in the billing reports and Cloudmore will not generate billing data for these customers. 

Link tenants 5.png

4. Find tenant

This will display the tenants that we have discovered in your partner center. 
Tip: Use the filter to find a specific Tenant Record.

Link tenants 6.png

5. Create a new organization record from the tenant

Choose the tenant and then click the + icon under Actions.


The fields will pre-populate with data from the partner center. 


Complete any missing date and click create organization and link.

Name  Full Customer Name
Primary domain Main domain name used by the customer. Do not enter HTTP or www
Registration number Company ID or Tax ID.  If you do not have this you can leave this field empty
Notification email address Email address where Cloudmore notifications for this customer should be sent
Contact phone Phone number


6. Link to an existing organization record

Click the Link Tenant - pencil.pngicon under Actions. Click the drop down menu and pick the organization record for this tenant, then click link.

Link tenants 7.png

You have now linked the tenant to an organization.

Repeat this process for each of your existing CSP tenants. 

Once you have matched all tenants and the alert is showing no tenants to match, follow the steps in the guide testing your CSP Integration.

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