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Set up your security center

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How to set up your security center

Why do this..

The security center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats with increased control and visibility over the security of Cloudmore, including; - 

  • Notifications - Improve the security by alerting you when someone logs in. You can choose to receive notifications when internal administrators or a customer’s administrators access Cloudmore.
  • Two-factor Authentication – Add an extra layer of security to your Cloudmore accounts to ensure that only authorized people can access, even if someone knows a password.
  • IP Filtering - You can restrict the range of IP addresses from which administrators can log in and access Cloudmore. When IP address restrictions are defined and a login originates from an unknown IP address, Cloudmore does not allow the login. These restrictions help protect your data from unauthorized access and phishing attacks.


Follow the instructions below to learn how to set up the security center

1. Go to your security center

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your reseller menu, then click on reseller, then security center.

Security 1.png

2. Configure your settings

Security 2.png

Notification - Tick the events that you want to receive e-mail notifications for.   The notification will be sent to the email address entered in the reseller property - notification e-mail.

Reseller admin login – a notification will be sent when a reseller administrator accesses Cloudmore

Organization admin login – a notification will be sent when an organization admin accesses Cloudmore.

2-Factor Authentication - Enabling 2-factor authentication means that an additional, numerical code is required to log in. This code is sent to the user's email address during the log-in process.

IP Filtering - lock down log in access to specific IP-addresses.

Enter the allowed IP addresses by clicking on the add allowed IP address button.

Security 3.png

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