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How to add administrators

Dyfed Wallis
Jun 7, 2017 11:11:10 AM


Why do this..

Each Cloudmore admin should have their unique login. By setting this up correctly, you can see what changes have been made by which user in the event log, making it much easier to keep a valid audit trail. Do not use shared logins such as support@ or sales@.  

If you use 2-factor authentication for an administrator login, communications are sent to the administrator's contact details.


Follow the instructions below to learn how to add and manage administrator accounts.   

There are three different ways to add administrators: - 
1 - Bulk import a .CSV / .XML or .XMS file.
2 - Manually create multiple administrators.
3 - Add individually (recommended for single additions only). 

Sections 45, & 6 explain how to manage existing administrators.

Each administrator can be set up with a different role. See this document for further details: Assign Admin roles and permissions.

Note:- The minimum password length is eight (8) characters. The password must contain uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and non-word characters. The password cannot contain parts of the user's account name or parts of the user's full name.

1. Bulk import a .CSV / .XML or .XMS file

Log into Cloudmore. Navigate to your cloud service broker menu, then click on 'cloud service broker', then 'administrators', then 'import'.


1.1 Download the import template

Click on your preferred format to download the template. 

admin import1

1.2 Complete the template


1.3 Upload your file

Click on 'Choose file', select your file location and click 'Read File'.

admin import1

The data you have uploaded will display. Confirm it is correct.


Tick 'Send credentials to user email address' if you want the login details to be sent directly to the new administrator.

Then click 'Create/Import organizations. The import will complete in the background.

2. Manually create multiple administrators

Navigate to your cloud services broker menu, then click on 'administrators', then 'import'.

admin1Navigate to the Multiple Admin Form.


Complete the rows with the required data.

Tick 'Send credentials to user email address' if you want the login details to be sent directly to the new administrators.

Then click 'Create/import Admins'.

3. Add individual administrators 


3.1 Enter the information for the new administrator 

Complete the form, then click 'Create'.  


Under password settings you can: -

  • ask Cloudmore to auto-generate a password and email login credentials for you. 
  • specify a password and email login credentials. 
  • specify a password and email login credentials without sending an e-mail confirmation. 

The new administrator can now access Cloudmore using these credentials.

4. Account Manager Settings 

If you have created a key or limited Account Manager role, a 'Manage' option will be added to the list.


This allows you to select one or multiple Organization groups. This grants an Account Manager the ability to view a group or groups containing all of the customers that they manage.

Note: Account Manager settings are per Organization group. You need to first create the Organization groups you need before completing this step.   


5. Edit existing administrators admin4

Use the action menu to edit properties, change the password or delete existing administrators.

6. Disable an administrator 

To disable an account, tick the box next to each account you want to disable. Then select the list option by clicking on the icon and select 'Disable account(s)'.

Admin 5.png


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