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Customer self-service set up

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Why do this..

Empower your customers with a private portal where they can: -

  • Discover and add new services in their curated e-store.
  • Manage existing services to make adds, moves and changes.
  • Have visibility and control of all users and which services they have allocated to them.
  • Run billing and service cost breakdown reports.

This guide covers the steps to enable your customer delegated admin and the related settings including:-

  • Adding organization users, so they can login to Cloudmore.
  • Managing organization setting for the approval process and bill start date.
  • Reseller properties relating to notifications for approval and support.


Follow the instructions below to give your customers delegated administration.

1. Add organization admin users

Create organizational users that have access to and define what actions each user can carry out.

1.1 Go to organizations view

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your cloud service broker menu > manage organizations > organizations.


1.2 Go to organizations users

Click on the users column, for the organization you wish to add users – this will take you directly to that organizations, user menu.


1.3 Add a new user

Multiple users can be imported using the import function.

If you have existing CSP users, these can be exported from the 0365-user list to the Cloudmore user directory. 

Select new user.


Complete the form


Additional domains can be added under the organization menu > organization > domain.

Minimum password length is eight (8) characters. Password must contain uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and non-word characters. Password cannot contain parts of the user's account name or parts of the user's full name.


  • Organizational users – limited functionality that allows them to view services they have with no administration rights.
  • Organizational view only admin – view everything with no administration rights.
  • Organizational billing admin – view billing details only with administration to billing details only.
  • Organizational admin – view everything with full administration rights.


Click on Create

The new administrator can now access Cloudmore using these credentials.

1.4 – Edit existing user

Use the action icons to add new services, edit, change password or delete existing user.

If the user has been assigned services, the number of services they have will show in the services column.


1.5 – Disable a user

To disable an account, tick the box next to each account you want to disable.  Then select the list option by clicking on the icon and select disable account(s).


2. Manage Organization Settings

Set approval process rules and the date from which organizations can see billing history. 

2.1 Go to organizations view 

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your cloud services broker menu >manage organizations > organizations.


2.2 Go to organization settings

Click on the pencil action icon, for the organization you want to edit the setting.


The details for the organization selected will be displayed.

Check your customers notification email address is correct.

Click more


Here you can set approval process rules and the date from which organizations can see billing history


Approval Process – Tick this box if you want all transactions to require approval. 

Dynamic Approval Process Activation – Tick this box to set an annual financial limit for each transaction.  You will then be prompted to enter a limit.  Note:  monthly transaction amounts will automatically be converted to an annual amount.   DA11.png

Billing Start Date – Set the date that organizations can run billing reports from.   This date will default to the date the organization was created in Cloudmore.   Click on calendar icon to select the date.


Click update at the bottom of the form to apply the settings.


3. Manage Reseller Properties

Confirm that your notification and support email is correct.  Approval request notifications will be sent to the notifications email address and support requests will be send to the support email address.

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your reseller menu, properties


Your reseller properties will be displayed.  Check the notification and support email addresses are correct.

Click update to apply any changes.



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