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CSP Direct Azure Billing

Why do this..

Cloudmore enables you to produce your monthly CSP billing data in minutes allowing you to easily and accurately invoice your customers.  



The CSP Direct Azure billing process uses different components of Cloudmore to make Azure billing more accurate, faster and easier to understand for your customers.


The report is based on the Microsoft costs, with your margin automatically added for each customer, which you set using these Azure price management guide.  The data generated can be passed to your billing platform using either a CSV file or the systems API.


With Cloudmore you can send your customers a simple, summary invoice and they can view the invoice details, on demand, within their self-service area. They see the same, but personalized, detailed breakdown as you, obviously without your cost price.

1. Go to Azure

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your reseller menu, then click on my services, and then Azure. 


2. Invoice details

Click on billing.Picture4.png

3. Retrieve Billing Data

The chart displayed at the top of the page shows a summary of the total billing costs for the last five months. 


Load Overview allows you to load the chart data for “This month so far” and “Forecast this month. 


Select one of the three report options. Invoice data, Custom Billing Period or Ongoing Period, to retrieve the relevant billing data. 


Invoice Data is the recommended billing report to use to reconcile your Microsoft invoice. This option will list all available invoices which are shown with invoice date and Microsoft invoice number. Select one or more invoices then click Get details to retrieve the data. 


Custom Billing Period allows you to select any date range and will display usage, cost and sales price for each customer. 

Note:  If you select the same date range as the Microsoft invoice, the data on this report may not reconcile with the invoice because Microsoft’s billing period may be different from the usage period. 


This Month will set the date range first day to last day of the current month. 

Last Month will set the date range first day to last day of the previous month. 

Custom range allows you to select multiple months and will display a billing report for each month.   

Ongoing Period will display usage, cost and sales price for each customer during the current billing period.  

Note: As above, the data may also be different to the final invoice data.  

4. View detail

Breakdown per category

Based on the date range selected Cloudmore will display a breakdown by category.
Note:- The categories are pre-defined by Microsoft.


  • Period – Confirms the date range selected and shows the total cost and sales price. The total cost, if all tenants are linked, should correlate with your Microsoft invoice and can be used as a check to make sure you are billing all your customers correctly.


  • Organization - The report is automatically grouped per organization, showing total cost and sales price for each customer. This is the summary invoice amount for each customer.
    Click on customer name to expand. 


  • Subscription - Grouped per subscription and shows total cost and sales price.
    Click on subscription to expand. 


  • Category – This will show a line item for each category, e.g. – Virtual Machines, Networking, Storage or Data Management. Each line item will have total cost and sales price.
    Click on category to expand. 


5. Export

If you are not using the Cloudmore systems API to link billing data to your billing systems, then export the report to see more details. This will include more detailed resource information including the Azure resource name, Azure resource group, usage period, rate, total cost and total sales price.  

Click on theScreen Shot 2017-07-11 at 16.29.34.png icon, above the report to the right.


The file will download automatically.


Now download the Excel template with pivot tables to process the data for billing and reconciliation of costs. See examples below.




6. API Integration to Business Systems

For details on how to use the API to integrate with your business systems, view this video guide - or download the API guide from -


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