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Create and Edit Services

Oct 4, 2019 2:31:30 PM

Why do this..

The service is the “wrapper” that contains the service properties.   Underneath the service you add the products and add-ons.


Under services you can set the category to enable easy discovery.  You also set the services as either an organizational base or user base and if it is going to be automatically provisioned via the service connector or using email notifications.

Completion of this is required for you to add products, manage pricing and marketing information. 


Follow the instructions below to learn how create to and edit custom services.

1. Go to Services

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your reseller menu, then click on reseller, then custom services.

2. Create a new service

Click create to add a new service.



3. Enter the properties for the new service

Complete the form.


Service Name

Enter the name of the Service


Enter the name of the Vendor


Select from the drop-down list of pre-set categories

User assigned service

Tick this box to enable the service to be connected to user accounts   If this box is not ticked then it will be associated to an organization only

Information only services

Visible in Marketplace but not possible to buy

Provisioning Type

Select e-mail or service connector


Service Icon

Click upload image and upload your icon. Note. the image should be 120x64.

Click create to add the custom service.

The Custom Service will now show in the list.   

4. Edit an existing service


Use the pencil action icons to edit the custom service.

End of guide

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