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Adding Services Information

by Mark Adams, on Feb 2, 2018 3:57:32 PM


Why do this..

Enable your customers to discover and learn about your services. Add relevant sales and marketing messaging, summarize keys features, link to additional resources and frequently asked questions. Pricing information is automatically added from the price list.

Information can be quickly and easily edited at any time.


Service in Cloudmore Marketplace example.

Service Information1.png

Service information example

Service Information 01.png

1. Go to services 

Log in to Cloudmore.  Navigate to your seller menu, click on services, then services.

Service Information 02.png

2. Add service icon

The service icon is what graphic appears in the marketplace and service details view. 

Seller Guide - Admin 02.png

Click on the cloud icon Cloud icon.png to upload your service icon.

Service Information 04.png

Click select file and upload your icon. The image should be 120x64.

Use the slider to crop the image and the rotate using the left/right buttons.

Click update to complete the process and add the icon.Service Information 05.png

3. Enter the service information

The service information will be displayed in the service details page after selecting on a service in the marketplace.  The information will enable buyers to learn more about the service.  

Click in the Service Information 08.png action icon.

This will open the service edit page, where you can add and edit information about the service. 

Service Information 09.png

Add the service overview content

Use the edit tools to format the text.
Click update to apply the text.

Service Information 10.png

Add the service features content

In the tab you can add the service features
Click edit and add new feature.

Service Information 11.png

Enter feature name and description. Tick the mandatory box if you don’t want the information to be edited by a cloud service broker in the Cloudmore supply chain.

Service Information 12.png

Click create to add a feature.
Repeat the process to add additional features.
Use the arrow icons to re-order the features.

Service Information 13.png

6. Add service agreement content

In this tab you can enter you can add the agreement the Service Provider or direct customer to sign when they add the service to their portfolio.

Use the edit tools to format the agreement.

Create new agreement - If an agreement is changed, then the Service provider or end customer is required to sign the new version.
NOTE: This box must be ticked when you create your 1st agreement. 

Service Information 14.png

7. Add resource links

In this tab you can add links to additional resources.

Enter the link name – Describe the asset for the link.  For example – Service Homepage or Service PDF Asset.

Enter full URL linkIncluding, http://www

Select type in the drop-down menu: Options available are picture, video, document, link.

Service Information 15.png

8. Add related services

When a customer is viewing the service details there is a tab where they can see related services, you can control which of your related services appear on this tab.

Click edit.  A list of any other services you have added in Cloudmore will be displayed.

Tick the box next to the related service(s) and click update.

Service Information 16.png

9. Add FAQ content

You can add as many FAQs as required.
Click edit.  A dialog box will be displayed.
Enter the FAQ Question and the FAQ Answer.

Service Information 17.png

Service Information18.png


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