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Manage your many clouds

Organizations of all sizes are using more public cloud and SaaS services in a bid to move away from high upfront capital expenditure to pay-as-you-go operational costs. 

And while the transition to cloud comes packed with advantages, there is a new set of challenges that have to be managed too  namely shadow IT, cloud sprawl and cloud waste — three threats that can erode the cost advantages of using cloud services in the first place.

Cloudmore helps organizations to resolve the risks of unsanctioned IT by offering a tiered architecture that facilitates central oversight and delegated management and control. This enables CIOs to safely provision and distribute IT products and services across their departmental networks in a cost effective way. 

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IT Procurement Strategy

Cloudmore supports a progressive, digital procurement strategy – simplifying cloud brokerage aggregation, customization, integration and governance.                                                      

Reduce Spend

With better transparency and control, you can optimize IT costs across your organization.        

Financial Governance

Analyze ROI and spending across departments and business units including cross-charge and chargeback reports for public cloud.