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Delivered as a SaaS service, the Cloudmore enterprise cloud brokerage platform tightly integrates your services, hardware and licensing to simplify and accelerate the deployment of cloud services.

Supporting your hybrid IT strategy to deliver a mix of public, private and internal, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services.

Working seamlessly with your existing systems and IT partners. Adding a single pane of glass for administrators, managers and users to discover, provision and consume services.

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service aggregation for Enterprise 


Service Aggregation

We have over ten years' experience of high-scale, automated provisioning of services.

Our service loading process provides a soft on-ramp for services and products to quickly populate a full service catalog. Full end-to-end automation is simplified by the outbound REST API.

Our custom services functionality enables the extension of standard services to build bundles or workflows to suit your users requirements. 

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cloud integration for enterprise 

Cloud Integration

The platform brings multiple SaaS, PaaS and IaaS service together into a seamless experience, from service discovery to the common processes for activating and managing subscriptions.

Deploying Cloudmore in your organization is non-disruptive. The Service Connector and Systems API guide ensures that Cloudmore is fully integrated with your user directories, help desk systems, and ERP solution.

Community management is elevated by a structure of groups and organizations that support distributed control with central oversight.

cloud brokerage enablement for enterprise gartner


The multi-tenant platform, delivered as a SaaS service, with separate delivery points in Europe and the USA to support local data privacy regulations  The single code base always ensures forward compatibility.

Customizing your cloud service brokerage solution to your organizational structure and through the use of custom services is easily done within the platform. For other requirements, our development cycle is fast and stable meeting assuming new features can benefit the wider user group.

cloud broker security and governance for enterprise

Security and Governance

Through the use of security features, role based permissions, logically separated user cohorts, approval processes and real-time views and reporting, governance and oversight is immediately improved.

Cloudmore users can be authenticated user SAML based single sign-on and assigned rights to administer, view only or  manage billing data.

Renewal reports, service utilization, spending limits and alerts can help control SaaS and metered IaaS costs.




Internal or External CSB?

The enterprise may choose to become the CSB or outsource the role to an external CSB. Cloudmore is vendor and CSB agnostic. In reality, a hybrid model is the most likely and the Cloudmore structure supports each model. Our orientation is around the user experience for the administrators, managers and users in central IT and at the department or business unit level. The external broker can assume any administrator or manager role in the platform. Choosing Cloudmore removes external CSB platform lock in.

Cloud Brokerage Enablement for Enterprise - delegated administration and self service


Delegated Administration

The platform structure supports both a centralized and distributed structure. In a distributed structure, each department or business unit can have their personalized e-store, customized pricing and independent administration. The local administrator can oversee user and service management and has targeted reports. Central IT can enforce approval processes based on event or value and has complete visibility via the event log and can act on behalf of at any time.
Cloud Brokerage Enablement for Enterprise - unified cost reporting


Unified cost reporting

The time taken for multi-cloud billing computations and reconciliations can be reduced by 90%. Take a instant snapshot of any business unit, review contract renewals and create a monthly charge file. Service usage and utilization reports show opportunities for cost saving and resource redeployment.

Cloud Brokerage Enablement for Enterprise - reporting and bi



Reporting and BI

Bringing all your cloud services together in once place to show consolidated reporting. It instantly provides important insights, strengthening your budgeting, finance and support activities.


Cloud Brokerage Enablement for Enterprise - getting started


Getting started with Cloudmore

We know that many enterprises are starting their Cloud Brokerage journey. That is why we adopt a land, understand and expand methodology with many of our customers. Our commercial model enables soft-start if required to allow time for the transformation to digital workflows and practices.

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