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Digital Transformation

Are you a distributor or an indirect reseller?

As sales activity and distribution move online, the traditional values of warehousing, shipping and financing are under threat. Services and subscriptions are also taking the world by storm — a trend that is being pushed and driven by some of the world’s leading IT and e-commerce providers.  

But, selling and managing a subscription is very different to selling a traditional product. And, while most ERP systems are great at supporting conventional one-off transactions — including; processing orders and contracts, billing, revenue, invoicing and collection — they can struggle to handle the many changes that occur during an average subscription's lifetime.

Cloudmore helps by providing distributors with a central place to manage recurring, metered and complex products. Cloudmore can also aggregate and simplify billing calculations so that they can be easily processed by your existing ERP system. We also offer a branded e-store and customer self-service!


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Cloudmore supports the Distributor > nReseller > nCustomer > nUser model.


Cloudmore is built on a foundation of extensible APIs and service connectors that allow you to connect almost any system or process.


Our roadmap acceleration program enables the prioritization of new functionality to suit your requirements.