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Microsoft CSP Automation for New Commerce Experience

Supporting and scaling your CSP business

Cloudmore helps Microsoft CSPs to meet the Microsoft program requirements, facilitating the delivery of exceptional customer service by streamlining the price management, billing and provisioning of Office 356, Azure and other services. Read: About the Microsoft CSP program and how Cloudmore can help

Key features of the platform are the self service portal and a private storefront for customers. The subscription management engine does all the heavy lifting for billing and renewals and our Service Loader enables CSPs to easily populate their services catalog. 

Our CSP customers come from all over the world and have experienced substantial growth since implementing Cloudmore.  You can read our customer case studies here.

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Cloudmore has recently launched  a new integration in partnership with Acronis, and this is available to all uses of Cloudmore - For FREE! - Contact us for more details or

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We have create a useful guide to help you navigate the business and financial risks created by NCE using automation and good processes 

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Billing Automation

Eliminate error-prone processes by using Cloudmore to streamline Microsoft CSP subscription management from quote to billing.


Customer Self-Service Portal

Add value to your customer experience with a secure, customer self-service portal. Customers can add and manage their services via their customized dashboards and e-store. 


Subscription Management

Manage subscriptions in Cloudmore. Notifications can be set to remind you of renewal dates for all your services. Microsoft pricing can be automatically updated with our bi-directional sync with the partner centre, and all changes to subscriptions, and customer usage are tracked and updated so nothing is missed.