Reduce New Commerce Experience recurring billing and management time to minutes

Cloudmore's Cloud Commerce Platform fully supports the New Commerce Experience and offers billing, self-service and provisioning for Direct Microsoft CSP partners.

After integrating your tenant which typically takes just a few minutes, your customer tenants will appear in Cloudmore and are ready to be managed. Cloudmore does not replace the Partner Center or Azure Portal but adds significant benefits that will make you and your customers life, a lot easier, including:

  • No up-front costs and fixed price transaction fees
  • Self-service or delegated customer management
  • All day-to-day changes in Cloudmore
  • Set and monitor Azure spending limits
  • Simplified tier 1 billing through data export or API 
  • APIs connect your business systems for end-to-end automation
  • Expand to manage all your cloud and on-premise solutions
  • Fast set up - No hardware to buy or deploy



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