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How Microsoft Direct CSPs Can Avoid Revenue Leakage


How Microsoft Direct CSPs can avoid revenue leakage.
Microsoft Direct CSP Billing sine 2017

Avoid Revenue Leakage. As streamlined, straightforward, and easy-to-use billing system is undoubtedly the biggest concern for Microsoft Direct CSP resellers today. Due to the lack of integration between Microsoft Partner Center and its business systems, manual proration and billing reconciliation are time-consuming and error-prone. The lack of tracking and checking costs ultimately results in revenue leaks.

The CSP can significantly increase sales by optimising costs and expenditures with a deep understanding of costs and expenditures. Cloudmore has helped many businesses thrive and emerge by automating billing and subscription management. Learn how Cloudmore has transformed how Microsoft Direct CSPs do business and make an impression on your customers!

Cloudmore is more than just a lean, mean billing machine. Our centralised price management, billing, and provisioning system help meet the end-to-end requirements of the Microsoft program. Quick and simple integration with Cloudmore APIs, and you’re off to a great start.  

Let’s dive deep into the Cloudmore Billing experience!

  • After completing the integration, you can immediately view usage data, history, and breakdown of Microsoft Billing.
  • Throughout the subscription lifecycle, the platform supports you. Customers can be added, subscriptions can be created, prices can be managed, and detailed insights into expenditures and costs can be obtained.
  • In managing CSP services, there are many tasks to be accomplished. And Cloudmore’s got you covered here as well. Our automated billing reports, renewal notifications, and other reminders ensure you never miss a deadline or due date.

That said, Cloudmore’s firm and robust billing system stands out from the competition. Over the years, our engineers have evolved and perfected our billing features. Therefore, we cover all billing scenarios: metering, pro-ration, trials, discounts, seat-based, consumption-based, and cost centres. 

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