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For ISVs and Cloud Vendors

As IT Providers and businesses strive to find ways to integrate many cloud services they soon find that without automation the challenges soon mount up. From procurement to consumption the ability to have a single view across your multi-cloud environment become crucial to ensure costs are kept to a minimum and operational efficiency is optimized. Cloudmore can be customized to help the transition and growth of any service or supply chain.

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ISVs & Vendors 

Cloudmore makes it very easy for our customers to add new solutions to their cloud stores. Purchasing and provisioning can be managed by the internal or external IT advisor or made available for self-service. Services are provisioned and administered in real time. Customers are also able to create bespoke bundles including complimentary solutions, products or professional services to create a new, differentiated offers. Connecting your service or solution is usually fast and painless when the appropriate APIs already exists. Marketing to our customers is easy and very cost effective. Our platform is multi-tiered so we have business models supporting both direct and indirect relationships with our customers.

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Cloud Vendors

Cloudmore can be a straightforward and fast way of offering added value cloud automation to your IT and business customers. Cloudmore can integrate your cloud catalog and provide real-time service provisioning, user management, and billing support. The APIs support most integration scenarios, and the platform architecture supports full private label branding in each tier.

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