Why Manage your Recurring Revenue in Cloudmore

Cloudmore’s Cloud Billing Platform enables you to navigate the complexities of implementing a recurring revenue model to sell cloud services and provide your customers with a breakdown of their usage and associated charges.

The Cloudmore billing module that manages complex subscription and metered billing boasts a 2:1 return on investment. We enable your business to grow recurring revenues and scale by quickly bringing new services to market.

Cloudmore Cloud Billing Plattform


The procurement and provisioning of any product or service can be partially or fully automated using notifications or the services API.

Price Management

Manage pricing on a global or per customer basis. Create offers and quotes from your service catalog.

Billing & Chargeback

Cloudmore’s reports and exports provide all the information you need to create a summary, or detailed cost and billing reports.

Service Catalog

Select services from Cloudmore’s service catalog and sell these to your users in their curated e-store.

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