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Cloudmore allowed Zen to do a true profitability check against individual customers

The Client

Zen is a multi-award-winning UK based managed IT services provider and Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. Initially an internet services provider delivering residential connectivity, Zen rapidly expanded its business during the broadband boom in the early 2000s, venturing into hosted services, then managed services, and eventually pivoting to cloud in 2010. Alongside its B2C broadband offer, Zen supports UK businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large enterprises, and has a total annual turnover of more than US$85 million.

The Challenge

Before approaching Cloudmore, Zen staff were logging into the Microsoft Partner Center to provision and manage their customers’ Office 365 licenses. Manually adding and updating license quantities and manually adjusting billing to reconcile the changes was a process that Zen decided was too susceptible to error and took an excessive amount of time to manage.

“If we had a subscription change request around four or five on a Friday afternoon, that ticket might not be actioned until the following Monday. In some scenarios, this meant that a customer would be without a license for Office 365, which could potentially impact a user. This was our main challenge”

-Adam Clements, the company’s senior product manager

The Solution

Now Zen plans to ramp up sales for both Office 365 and Azure. The company also plans to offer Windows Virtual Desktop, a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on Azure. “We see that as a very good growth engine for us as a provider in the MSP space, and it pulls through Azure hosting as well,” says Clements.

When Zen first reached out to Cloudmore, the goal was to scale x5 with Office 365. Now, with Azure in the mix, growth plans are even more ambitious!

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