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Before Cloudmore, MJ Flood Technology managed the billing of their Microsoft Services manually

The Client

MJ Flood Technology is a leading provider of total ICT solutions and support services across Ireland and the UK, specializing in connecting people, processes, and technology to help organizations capitalize on the disruptive, digitized world. The company has addressed the constant change by pre-empting market change by continually innovating to keep the customer at the center of everything it does. It offers services and solutions such as IT infrastructure, virtualization, unified communications, mobility, cloud services, professional services, and IT managed services.

The Challenge

Before Cloudmore, MJ Flood Technology managed the billing of their Microsoft Services manually. They sought to simplify the complexities of Cloud billing by introducing a commercial model where they were invoicing customers quarterly in advance based on consumption from the last month of the previous quarter. They then manually reconciled Microsoft data from the Microsoft Partner Centre to get a more accurate view of the actual usage.

The Solution

MJ Flood Technology quickly understood the importance of strong integration between vendor and the Cloudmore platforms. This is especially important with the Microsoft Partner Center where it is always possibility that MJ Flood Technology personnel can make changes in both Cloudmore or the Partner Center. Having the two-way synchronization means that changes from either side are always synchronized eliminating the risk of missing a
billing event.

“It was very straightforward and uncomplicated. We felt there was a strong focus on partnership; we were impressed.”

-James Finglas

The Results

Building out the Cloud offering beyond Office 365 and Azure to increase both share of customer wallet and increasing recurring revenue very important to MJ Flood Technology. “…more strategically and longer-term, we will be adding more services to the platform, extending self-service beyond the Microsoft piece.” comments James.

Further quote, “We see Cloudmore to be a critical part of this successful adoption of teams for voice services.”

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