Microsoft CSP Automation

HostedBizz needed accurate billing as a priority, as well as easy deployment and a simple and intuitive platform

The Client

HostedBizz is a full-service public cloud provider with data centers in Eastern and Western Canada. The Ottawa based company provides an integrated suite of cloud products that are sold by 250+ Managed Service Providers (MSPs) across North America and Europe.

The Challenge

As a company supporting more than 250 MSPs and thousands of end customers, HostedBizz was keen to find a CSP solution that would guarantee 100% billing and automation accuracy for every business tier, including HostedBizz, each MSP and every one of their customers.

The Solution

Satisfied with the platform, HostedBizz migrated thousands of end customers within the first two months of operation. From a deployment perspective, Valade discloses that “everything is running as it should. It’s performing the way we expected.

“Cloudmore’s solution is perfect for Microsoft CSPs, unlike the other platforms that we tested, which were really built for other purposes.”


The Results

We have achieved significant time savings in billing Office 365 services compared to other platforms,” says Valade. “Previously, we had to manually pull reports and put them into a format that our accounting department would be able to use. The billing reports that we can export from Cloudmore make this process much easier. Cloudmore is the first that I have seen that works as it should for Microsoft billing

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