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Aztek has grown its CSP business by 42% since partnering with Cloudmore

The Client

Aztek Technologies was established in Israel in 1984 and specializes in cloud environment planning and implementation, as well as software license agreement management. The company now hires over 40 people and is a recent winner of Microsoft’s 2018 Partner of the Year Award.

The Challenge

Demand for cloud and security solutions is growing to such an extent that over half 1 of managed service providers are struggling to keep up with customer requests. As an early adopter of the Microsoft CSP Program, Aztek quickly identified that it was in a strong position to take advantage of this burgeoning market.

However, Aztek had two distinct challenges it wanted to address; (1.) its relatively low reseller margins and, (2.), Microsoft’s raised CSP Direct program requirements. In order to improve performance and maximize sales, Aztek decided that it would need to (in as much as possible) automate its end-to-end business processes.

The Solution

The Cloudmore platform enables direct CSP partners to meet Microsoft’s newest requirements; namely 24/7 support and billing automation. Microsoft’s pricing is pre-integrated into the Cloudmore platform, allowing Aztek to view their existing CSP data in Cloudmore, set their specific customer pricing and generate reports quickly, giving instant return-on-investment.

To combat the billing issue, Aztek integrated SAP, their enterprise resource planning software, into Cloudmore. Their billing files now automatically update in SAP, enabling them to bill customers more efficiently.

“Being able to see the different services and products that a customer is using enables us to spot key business trends. As a whole, that part is really nice.”

-Daniel Cohen, Aztek’s Hosted Solutions Director

The Results

Aztek has grown its CSP Business considerably since partnering with Cloudmore, increasing its number of seats by 42% in the past year alone. Dyfed Wallis, Sales Manager at Cloudmore, was Cohen’s first point of contact and supported Aztek through the full implementation process to completion.

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