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"Processing Microsoft billing used to take the finance team two and a half days each month. Now it takes one to two hours."

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"With the billing efficiency alone our month end billing time has been reduced by 60-70%."

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Virtual IT Case Study

Virtual IT

"Virtual IT received a near 100% return on investment in one month"

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"Cloudmore helped us to create a smooth and easy process to get the billing data into our invoicing system.”

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Aztek Case Study


"In the past year, Cloudmore has helped Aztek increase its number of Office 365 seats by an impressive 42%."

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Zen Internet

Zen Internet

"Cloudmore allows us to do a true profitability check against individual customers because we know what our cost to sale is."

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Since partnering with Cloudmore, Daisy’s teams have a single solution to sell, manage, and bill services.

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MJ Flood Cloudmore

MJ Flood

“It was very straightforward and uncomplicated. We felt there was a strong focus on partnership; we were impressed.”

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Intrasource case study


"Cloudmore not only reduces our overheads, but also gives our clients that measure of control they want."

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Gridheart case study


“Cloudmore helps us to solve the procurement challenge for recurring and metered services and gives us one place to sell, manage and bill our partners.”

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