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Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Cloud Management Platform

by Mark Adams, on 21-May-2015 15:23:00

cloud management platform 

Once upon a time, life was simple...

You users were inside your firewalls; your IT services were on your servers. And, the summers were long and hot…

Today, the cloud has created a generation of IT anarchists who believe that they have the right to procure, deploy, and consume any service they like onto any device they like. And, the summers are too short and cold…

The (hybrid) truth, thankfully, is somewhere in between with a new IT reality emerging where businesses are gaining huge advantages from the enterprise-class functionality available at a fraction of the cost it once was while the IT managers are trying to keep some semblance of order in the organization.

The general wide scale, mass market adoption of cloud services will only happen once there is a layer of management and aggregation to remove the significant challenges of using multiple cloud services. Think about how Apple drove hyper-growth consumption by providing a method in which to procure, deploy, and consume media and apps for consumers – The App store and iTunes.

Shadow IT and BYOD

Businesses have much more sophisticated needs than consumers. They need to keep and divest IT management, scale but stay agile and flexible, and keep control while allowing personal freedom and flexibility. The frontline to these internal battles are currently Shadow IT and BYOD (bring you own device) where employees are seeking their own solutions to their individual pain points.

So, at some point, as the use of cloud application and services rise, every organization will be considering the answer to this question: What is the best way to manage my cloud sprawl, to regain centralized control and ensure we keep our data secure? Here are five key indicators that it is time for you to consider a cloud management solution:

  1. You are seeing a lot of software/applications being paid for in expense claims.
  2. It is a problem managing IT for starters and leavers.
  3. You have had a data breach via an unauthorized cloud service.
  4. You see a lot of unauthorized devices on your corporate network.
  5. Your users are asking for solutions for password/URL issues.

There are probably many more indicators that Multicloud is becoming a problem, and organizations that undertake cloud application audits are often shocked at the scale of the Shadow IT problem. However, it is a temporary, transitional problem. It just needs to be (cloud) managed!

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