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by Karen Turtle, on 08-Aug-2019 11:22:25

Cloud adoption is continuing to grow at a strong and steady pace, pushing cloud revenues sky high. Microsoft, the second biggest cloud service provider after Amazon, has grown its cloud revenue 39% year-over-year, to make US$11 billion in the June-ending 2019 quarter This …

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by Mark Adams, on 05-Dec-2018 15:42:57

By 2020, a staggering 83% of enterprise workloads will have moved to the Cloud. This presents a sea of opportunity for SAAS providers. With so many potential customers out there, it …

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by Mark Adams, on 21-May-2015 15:23:00

Once upon a time, life was simple... You users were inside your firewalls; your IT services were on your servers. And, the summers were long and hot… Today, the cloud has …

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by Mark Adams, on 19-May-2015 15:23:00

Great news! Your people are using a range of cloud applications to be more efficient. Perhaps they are using MailChimp, Splashtop, CamCard or LinkedIn, some of the most popular paid-for …

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by Dyfed Wallis, on 12-May-2015 15:30:00

The need to drive down costs in today's economy is one major incentive to why CFOs should consider cloud technology. But it's not just about a CAPEX vs OPEX procurement …

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by Dyfed Wallis, on 28-Apr-2015 15:23:00

"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." - Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), maker of big business mainframe computers, arguing …

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