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by Karen Turtle, on 26-Mar-2019 14:44:41

Shadow IT (also known as rogue or stealth IT) is hardware and software that is used within an organization without explicit approval from management. The guilty parties fuelling the rapid proliferation …

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by Karen Turtle, on 27-Feb-2019 12:21:16

“All cloud use at NASA shall be MANAGED cloud use,” wrote the space agency’s chief technology officer, Ray O’Brien in mantra-like fashion back in 2016. By this point NASA had saved over US$103 million in software after implementing a new asset management program to harness its profligate …

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by Mark Adams, on 25-Jan-2019 11:13:05

Customers churn or stop doing business with a company in main because they’re not happy with the product or service being offered. Some churn is unavoidable, but a lot of …

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by Mark Adams, on 05-Dec-2018 15:42:57

By 2020, a staggering 83% of enterprise workloads will have moved to the Cloud. This presents a sea of opportunity for SAAS providers. With so many potential customers out there, it …

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by Mark Adams, on 26-May-2015 15:23:00

A MultiCloud Future How many cloud applications are you using in your organization? Five? Ten? More? There is email, accounting, marketing, sales, file stores, and then there are all the applications on …

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by Mark Adams, on 19-May-2015 15:23:00

Great news! Your people are using a range of cloud applications to be more efficient. Perhaps they are using MailChimp, Splashtop, CamCard or LinkedIn, some of the most popular paid-for …

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by Niklas Högset, on 23-Apr-2015 15:23:00

There seems to be little doubt that cloud technology can be positive for most organizations and that the cloud is certainly here to stay. Cloud services can lower your IT …

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