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6 Of The Best Resources For All Things Cloud

by Mark Adams, on 28-Sep-2015 23:31:27


Ever since it emerged, the cloud has been rapidly evolving. And if you want to make sure you’re using the cloud effectively and efficiently in your company, it’s important to keep up with the latest news and trends.

That’s why I rounded up a list of my favorite resources for all things cloud. I’ve chosen these websites for the quality of the content they share, as well as the resources they provide. Check out these cloud computing news sites to make sure you’re never a step behind.

6 Cloud Computing Resources

1. Business Cloud News

Business Cloud News publishes news and analysis on the global cloud computing industry for enterprise IT professionals. They state:

“At a time when most enterprises are encountering an unprecedented shift in how they procure and consume technology, [we] illuminate some of the most prominent trends in information technology modernization. [We] offer an in-depth look at how some of the world’s leading brands and public sector organizations are adopting these cloud-based services and technologies with their existing IT estates.”

Why I Like It

I appreciate that Business Cloud News focuses on helping enterprise IT professionals sort out new technology, as well as the fact that they provide context, analysis, and a look at where the IT industry is heading from an enterprise perspective.

Follow Business Cloud News on Twitter: @BizCloudNews

2. CloudTech

CloudTech, part of TechForge, is a site dedicated to publishing news, events, and other resources about cloud computing strategy and technology. They have a core team of writers and analysts, but publish articles from guest authors, as well.

Why I Like It

I like that CloudTech covers a wide range of subjects within IT and that they offer real-world case studies.

Follow CloudTech on Twitter: @cloud_comp_news

3. InfoWorld

InfoWorld provides in-depth analysis on enterprise technology. In regard to the cloud specifically, they publish all sorts of resources, including news articles, research, how-to advice, opinion pieces, and videos. They are made up of a core group of journalists and technology thought leaders.

Why I Like It

I like InfoWorld because they offer a mix of both news and opinion and give product reviews to help tech professionals build their infrastructures and establish technology leadership. Their wide range of resources makes them a great place to get news and advice.

Follow InfoWorld on Twitter: @infoworld

4. eWeek

Established in 1983 (then known as “PC Week”), eWeek is an information resource for the IT industry. They deliver cloud news, in-depth analysis of enterprise IT trends, and reviews of new products specifically for IT administrators and professionals working for large companies. They offer a wide range of resources, including slide shows, videos, blog posts, and more.

Why I Like It

I like that eWeek aims their information at IT professionals and that they want their readers’ opinions. They host a Twitter chat every so often to ask and answer questions about the cloud industry.

Follow eWeek on Twitter: @eWEEKNews

5. Cloud News Daily

Cloud News Daily aims to keep those interested in cloud computing up to date on the rapidly changing environment of IT. They offer news, but most of their site consists of company and product reviews on topics such as security, backup, storage, and more.

Why I Like It

I enjoy Cloud News Daily’s in-depth reviews. They talk about a number of different cloud security providers and services, backup companies and solutions, and storage providers, as well as give information about public and hybrid cloud.

Follow Cloud News Daily on Twitter: @CloudNewsDaily

6. CloudTimes (possible broken link)

The CloudTimes team consists of full-time authors, freelance journalists, and guest authors who publish news and information about a wide range of topics, including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, cloud security, cloud services, and more. They also have a “CloudTimes Top 100” list of cloud providers with ratings and news on each.

Why I Like It

I like CloudTimes for the variety of content they share, as well as their CEO series, which is a series of interviews with CEOs of leading cloud computing companies.

Follow CloudTimes on Twitter: @cloudtimesorg

Stay Informed

As you become more involved with the cloud industry, keep these resources in mind to ensure you’re always up to date and in the know. And as always, check in with us to find out the latest news from Cloudmore.

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