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Preparing for a MultiCloud Future

by Mark Adams, on 26-May-2015 15:23:00



A MultiCloud Future

How many cloud applications are you using in your organization? Five? Ten? More? 

There is email, accounting, marketing, sales, file stores, and then there are all the applications on the smartphones and tablets, authorized or not, some using business data or information. 

The reality in today's always-on, always-mobile world is that users love the functionality of these applications and the ease of access to information, and the flexibility they provide can encourage creativity and innovation. 

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — Newton's third law. With cloud IT, the reaction to the positive use of multiple cloud applications is the lack of control and the eventual and inevitable loss of valuable company information through accidental data leakage or deliberate user actions. 

For years, it has been the function of the IT department not only to enable the business with excellent solutions but also to lock down the network, enforce security protocols, and in the process, block any personal innovation. But I believe that the genie is out of the bottle and users ere embracing personal choice and want greater freedom. 

So accepting that there is a growing problem, I put forward the following suggestions for preparing for the multicloud: 

  1. Discover all the apps and applications being used in your organization 
  2. Ban the really risky solutions, like personal Dropbox accounts
  3. Review desired functionality and condense into as few solutions as possible 
  4. Create policies to educate users about the effects of data leakage 
  5. Use a cloud management platform to regain control 

Small businesses, start-ups, and fast-growing business are using the cloud to do more with less cost. Massive investments are being made in cloud-based software and cloud data centers. Millennials demand the same quality of technology at work as that of technology they have at home. The future is the multicloud, and the future has arrived. 

Have a great day,

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