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New Commerce Experience in Cloudmore - Updates

by Louise Sheilds, on 07-Jan-2022 16:17:33

The NCE full launch is coming with new commercial offers that differ from the legacy CSP.

This blog details the latest NCE updates from Cloudmore.

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is constantly
evolving. The latest ‘Per Seat’ model for CSP for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform subscriptions is the latest in the evolution of the CSP program, which builds on the transition to the New Commerce Experience that Azure made in 2019. NCE aims to support more client purchasing scenarios reducing licensing complexity and costs.

The official launch of NCE is expected to be announced by Microsoft in January.

What does this mean for Direct CSP Partners? 

 As a direct CSP, NCE will help you build broader, predictable revenue streams with reduced licensing complexities. Your customers will be able to avail themselves of many new terms and payment options with discounted prices. 

How Cloudmore is supporting the NCE changes

The Cloudmore platform offers a robust Microsoft integration with all the capabilities you need to scale your CSP sales. Cloudmore teams have been working to introduce new functionality to the platform to make NCE offers available for our customers to procure, manage and bill via the platform over a series of platform updates to ensure a smooth transition to the new NCE model.

 What is available right now
  • Create and manage NCE subscriptions

Today you and your customers can create and manage NCE subscriptions in Cloudmore. You can view and manage both legacy and NCE subscriptions side-by-side.

  • Sales price management

Full price management support for NCE is available in Cloudmore, with sales price customization available for all end-user organizations or for each specific organization using the price list.

*Before managing NCE subscriptions and billing in Cloudmore, ensure you have set up your sales prices for NCE products in the price list.
Price Management Guide

  • NCE renewals and suspensions

NCE Renewals functionality allows you to configure if an NCE subscription should be renewed and any changes to a subscription that should take effect at the point of renewal.

  • Product Selection enhancements

New product groups have been introduced to make it easier to find products, both on the pricelist and subscription screens.

What’s coming soon
Platform update estimated for release 14th of January
  • NCE billing reports

Ability to view NCE subscriptions and sales prices in Cloudmore billing reports to facilitate the onward invoicing of your customers

Platform update – estimated for release 20th of January
  • Subscription upgrades and downgrades

Cloudmore will allow you to upgrade eligible NCE subscriptions to another eligible NCE subscription and revert any upgrades to their previous state, in line with Microsoft’s conditions that you must do so no more than 72 hours after an upgrade.

Other enhancements will follow soon, including - 

  • Bulk Migration 
    • Cloudmore will generate a report of legacy subscriptions that are eligible to be migrated to NCE.  There will also be a tool to allow you to migrate subscriptions in bulk.
    • Ability to convert trials to paid subscriptions using the upgrade functionality
    • Ability to Limit Products for NCE.
      • Brokers will be able to make a subset of NCE subscriptions available to their customers in Cloudmore, e.g. make Annual subscriptions available but hide monthly subscriptions.

More details will be available as we progress with our phased delivery approach.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.