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InSpark Switches to Cloudmore to Resolve Microsoft Billing Challenges

by Karen Turtle, on 08-Apr-2020 12:32:38

Amsterdam-based full-service cloud solutions provider, InSpark, is on a mission to become Microsoft’s number one partner for the Netherlands. The company is already well on its way, acting as an incubator for some of Microsoft’s newest technologies and receiving impressive accolades such as the Global 2019 Microsoft Security and Compliance Partner of the Year Award 

Having a substantial investment in the growth of their Microsoft and custom services, InSpark decided that their existing SaaS solution could no longer manage their requirements. “The automation platform that we were using was too slow and couldn’t keep up with Microsoft updates,” explains Emile Sheets, Cloud Subscription Specialist at InSpark. As a result, consumption and billing data were unreliable, making it challenging to reconcile billing.  

After one and a half months of trialing the platform, Cloudmore exceeded InSpark’s cloud subscription management expectations, consistently delivering accurate consumption and billing data and helping the company to unify and streamline their end-to-end provisioning, which included a successful test-drive of the customer self-service portal. 

Since signing on the dotted line and launching the platform, InSpark’s feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The company has reduced the time they spend on billing from two and a half days each month to less than two hours. InSpark’s customers are also reaping the platform’s benefits, getting granular insight into their billing and usage costs, self-provisioning and managing their accounts, and enjoying staying within budget due to automated cloud spend controls.  

“We want to help our customers to be confident that they can dynamically innovate with a budget well spent. If they need a license or subscription, they can instantly have it, and that’s what the cloud world demands from us as a partner,shares Emile.  

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