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Azure Plan Billing - A smart solution from Cloudmore

by Mark Adams, on 05-Oct-2020 14:55:35

From November 2019, Microsoft introduced a new pricing and charging model for CSP Partners for Azure subscriptions, Reserved Instances, Microsoft Subscription, and Marketplace services. Microsoft expects Partners to transition to this new model by Autumn of 2020.  

These changes can present a billing challenge for Microsoft CSP partners who do not use a CSP automation solution.  

But CSP partners are now moving subscriptions to Microsoft's 'New Commerce Experience' at Pace. To support this transition, Cloudmore has now added Price Management to complement the Azure Plan billing report. Cloudmore's price management removes all the hassle of managing end-customer pricing despite charging models' complexity, from Microsoft. 

At the heart of this Price, Management is the concept of a price adjustment. Using this concept, it becomes a predictable and straightforward way to adjust, up or down, the price your customer will pay.  

Price Management is performed by the Broker on the price management Page: 

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 10.04.57

Using this functionality, you can set specific persistent price adjustments from the Microsoft published price, MRSP, for Azure Plan. 

To further extend the functionality, price adjustments can be made to an organization (end-customer) and even at a subscription level. Our intelligent systems checks for price adjustments made at the subscription level first, then organization, and then finally at the global level, and applies the price deepest down the chain.  

By gaining a deep understanding of the Microsoft API structure, Cloudmore has cracked the code of Azure Plan and other One Time Billing Items such as Reserved Instances, Microsoft Subscriptions, and Marketplace Services so that Cloudmore Azure Plan users benefit by: 

  • Significantly reducing the time to bill and, 
  • Ensure the accuracy of billing with 100% reconciliation against costs. 
  • Avoid any margin leakage through the incorrect interpretation of the Microsoft data and by applying the correct sales price rules to every customer. 

By gaining control of the billing for Azure Plan, CSP Partners using Cloudmore for billing automation can make the migration to the new Microsoft plans faster and with greater confidence that their margins are protected. 

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