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Azure Billing - The Easy Way

by Mark Adams, on 19-Jul-2017 18:12:47


Search for "Azure growth" and you will find that Microsoft Azure is starting to become a significant force in the cloud computing. Amazon Web Services took the first mover advantage but with the huge Windows Server install and skills base, Azure is now growing quickly and should continue to do so. 

When reselling any public cloud service priority number one is to make a profit. Once resources are activated, you pay! If you are buying or reselling Azure, you are going to want to avoid any unexpectedly large bills. For IT providers, fully understanding costs and accurate monthly invoices is key to a profitable Azure business.

Microsoft CSP Direct service have been pre-integrated into Cloudmore, meaning you just need to enter your credentials you are up and running in minutes. Office 365 came first, and for Azure, we wanted to ensure that Cloudmore would add maximum value for both the IT provider and end-user. In our first release for Azure, we made three areas our priority:-

1. Spending limits - Being able to set spending limits was crucial to avoid nasty surprises on the Microsoft bill.

2. Margin - Setting customer specific margin to flow through to billing was key to accurate and easy billing.

3. Detailed billing break down - Again, very important to give end-customers to the required insight into how they are spending their money.

Spending Limits
IT providers can view all their customers, set and see their spending limits and current utilization.

Azure Spending Budget.png
Setting Azure Spending Limits

Margin is added on a per-customer basis.  The IT provider has the option of changing the default 15% margin, to another margin amount, and this will be shown on the billing reports.

Setting Azure Margin

Detailed billing breakdown
The IT Provider can run reports across all or specific customers. The reports show a graphical representation of current and predicted use in the latest billing period plus a breakdown by billing category. Drill down to show numerical values by customer, subscription, and category. All report data can be connected to your ERP system via API can be exported for further processing. End-customers can receive a simple billing and then log in and review the detail and usage history at any time.

Viewing Azure Usage

Picture2.pngDetailed Billing Breakdown

We have also provided a useful Excel template that gives further breakdown and analysis that makes it very easy to reconcile your Microsoft invoice at a glance, and monitor margins across customers, subscriptions and service categories.

CSPAZi.pngBilling Export (Excel Template Pivot)

CSPAZj.pngAzure Margin (Excel Template Pivot)

The combination of these three main features of our Azure integration ensures that your Azure billing is easy, accurate and perfect for your customers.

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