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Dyfed Wallis

Dyfed Wallis

Sales Manager Cloudmore. Cloud evangelist with 20 years experience of helping companies use technology to become more profitable.

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by Dyfed Wallis, on 06-Feb-2020 10:51:27

There is a common misconception that self-service is about providing customers with an online marketplace to buy new products. However, the prospect of buying any new IT without CSP guidance …

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by Dyfed Wallis, on 05-Dec-2018 15:38:31

This week, two IT services companies contacted me looking for help with billing automation. Pressing for more information in my initial discovering meeting, each company (let’s call them Company A …

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by Dyfed Wallis, on 12-May-2015 15:30:00

The need to drive down costs in today's economy is one major incentive to why CFOs should consider cloud technology. But it's not just about a CAPEX vs OPEX procurement …

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by Dyfed Wallis, on 28-Apr-2015 15:23:00

"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." - Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), maker of big business mainframe computers, arguing …

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