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Carl Hagström

Carl Hagström

VP of Production of Cloudmore, and Cloud evangelist with 10 years of experience in delivering Enterprise-grade Cloud services.

Recent Posts by Carl Hagström:

by Carl Hagström, on 07-May-2015 15:30:00

If you have been considering moving to the Cloud, it is important to carefully research your options. We work with many different types of organizations these days, and it is …

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by Carl Hagström, on 05-May-2015 15:30:00

Once you have decided that you want to move a workload to the cloud and have chosen your service provider, it is time to start planning the deployment. There are …

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Topics:CTO Insightcloud applicationscloudmoving to the cloudcloud aggregation

by Carl Hagström, on 21-Apr-2015 15:23:00

In today's cloud-centric world chances are you are not running just one cloud application. Many organizations are now using multiple cloud services. This will cause a management headache with multiple …

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