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by Mark Adams, on 29-Jun-2020 16:37:27

Many MSPs are relying on existing business systems and processes to manage a recurring revenue model that has its own distinct and increasingly complex set of rules as cloud subscriptions become ever more flexible and varied. Making your current systems work by adding manual processes to …

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Topics:Cloud billing

by Karen Turtle, on 22-Jun-2020 16:37:32

The customer relationship is changing rapidly across the IT channel as the demand for public cloud computing and SaaS subscriptions overtakes the demand for hardware and software licensing. As a result, …

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Topics:Cloud billingManaged Service Provider

by Mark Adams, on 18-Jun-2020 11:15:10

Consumption billing is the concept of only charging your customer for what they use. Consumption-based services allow an organization to adopt new technology with zero upfront cost. According to Gartner, …

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