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by Karen Turtle, on 30-Aug-2019 09:34:21

In the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) world, it’s not unusual for invoices to be missed and for costs not to reconcile. These errors are often a result of the …

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by Karen Turtle, on 14-Aug-2019 12:50:37

How many billing errors has your CSP business detected in the last year? It could be missed renewals, an unsent invoice, incorrect usage metering, or under billing. Billing errors can …

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by Karen Turtle, on 08-Aug-2019 11:22:25

Cloud adoption is continuing to grow at a strong and steady pace, pushing cloud revenues sky high. Microsoft, the second biggest cloud service provider after Amazon, has grown its cloud revenue 39% year-over-year, to make US$11 billion in the June-ending 2019 quarter This …

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