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5 Things to Consider when Moving to the Cloud

by Carl Hagström, on 05-May-2015 15:30:00


Once you have decided that you want to move a workload to the cloud and have chosen your service provider, it is time to start planning the deployment. There are some critical issues that need full consideration and meticulous execution when moving a workload to the cloud.

Our Top 5 Key Deployment Issues

  1. Migration
  2. Availability
  3. Communication
  4. Planning
  5. Go Live



I'm often asked questions about how to handle existing data when planning a cloud project. There are tools and guidance available from the vendors, but I believe it is vital to select a service provider with qualified support that can help you with data and user migration planning. Another important aspect to consider is your upload bandwidth. You may have excellent download speeds, however, upload speeds and download speeds can vary so be sure to run a test before the final migration. Calculate how long it will take to move the data to the cloud and if too long, check your options with your service provider.


During your move to the cloud there might be a time when the service is temporarily unavailable. Remember to communicate this to fully prepare all the stakeholders. Prepare a fall-back plan to revert the migration if you cannot finish on time.


Our experience shows time and again that if you have not communicated clearly with your end-users you will receive complaints. Ensure that they understand any differences and anything they need to do in the period after the migration. Be sure to include subtle changes in performance or usability and include FAQ's and support contact information. Identify power users and educate them early upon how to use the new service so that they can help the others in the organization before contacting you or support.


Addressing these key issues above should result in a robust project plan. Share and agree this plan with your service provider and your internal teams. I find that aligning the project team and the service provider and having regular project meetings helps the project run much more smoothly.

Go Live

When your users start to use the new cloud service ensure that your support team is ready for a higher volume of requests. Agree with your service provider the date and the process of the go-live and that they are available to help quickly if you run into problems.

These are our five key issues for successful cloud deployment and migration. We’d love to hear any feedback that you may have, so please do get in touch.

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