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B2B Marketplace for next-generation, customer centric, business models

The B2B subscription model is thriving! This is because subscription sales offer predictable, recurring revenue, customer-centric pricing models, and next-generation offerings are attractive to buyers, helping them optimize costs and boost innovation.

The use of subscription, consumption and value-based offers is growing fast as consumers have embraced new rental and subscription models for products and services used at home.

Cloudmore solves the challenges for both buyers and sellers by offering an ecosystem with digital marketplaces optimized around the purchase and services powered by next-generation business models.

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Customer Centric Business Models

Your customers are looking to their suppliers to innovate and offer next generation business models.

Support for Recurring and Consumption Business Models

All types of business models are supported in Cloudmore and multiple marketplaces mean you can offer your customers a curated buying experience.

Recurring Billing Engine

Most tradition ERP solutions struggle to deal with next generation business models once scale is achieved. Cloudmore integrates with your ERP system  to ensure a fast onboard and automated processes.