Microsoft CSP Azure Billing Automation 

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Cloudmore's Cloud Brokerage Enablement Platform and Marketplace solves the challenges of offering and billing for Microsoft Direct CSP partners. After integrating your tenant which typically takes just a few minutes, your customer tenants will appear in Cloudmore and are ready to be managed. Cloudmore does not replace the Partner Center or Azure Portal but adds significant benefits that will make your's and your customers life a lot easier, including:

  • Self-service or delegated customer management
  • Set and monitor Azure spending limits
  • Send summary invoice, your customers can login and see details
  • See last month, month so far and predicted monthly spending
  • Assign and manage Azure admins 
  • Use APIs to connect to your business systems for full automation
  • No up-front costs and fixed price transaction fees
  • Supports you Azure Expert MSP Program Requirements





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Azure Billing Made Easy