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Streamline the buying,  selling and management of recurring services.


Why Cloudmore?

Whether you're a business looking to solve a recurring services procurement challenge, a vendor transitioning to recurring revenue, or a service provider moving to the cloud, Cloudmore has a solution for you.

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For Sellers

One place to sell, manage and bill your subscription channel partners and customers.

Cloud Billing

For Buyers

Solve the procurement challenge for recurring and metered services.

Digital procurement

Cloud Billing

Reduce your billing processing time and remove costly billing errors.

Subscription management and cloud billing
Save time
Reduce costs
Cloudmore on any device

Self-Service Portal

Users can self serve to discover and acquire the services they need.

Billing in the cloud
Drive Customer Engagement
Access anytime, anywhere
Self service


Showcase and sell your services in an internal or external marketplace.

Cloudmore marketplace

A Multi-Tenant SaaS Platform

It's fast to get started. You get quick time to value, and our customer success team supports you every step of the way.

Service Catalog

Select services from Cloudmore's service catalog and sell these to your users in their curated e-store.

Price Management

Manage pricing on a global or per customer basis. Create offers and quotes from your service catalog.


Your admin users can discover, provision and manage services and view monthly billing details.


Support system integration enables users to raise a ticket in Cloudmore and send feature requests to our development team.


The procurement and provisioning of any product or service can be partially or fully automated using notifications or the services API.

Billing & Chargeback

Cloudmore's reports and exports provide all the information you need to create a summary, or detailed cost and billing reports.

Reports and BI

Reports and exports give you a single, consolidated view of utilization, costs, and charges.

Cost Effective

Cloudmore offers a fixed fee based on expected revenue for the financial year. This means costs are easy to predict and simple to plan for. 

Exports and APIs

All information can be exported or connected to other business systems for end-to-end automation.

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Happy Customers :)

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Aztek clear

"Due to billing processes time savings, Virtual IT was able to get a near 100% return on investment in month one, with a full return once Cloudmore APIs are linked to our billing system. It has already balanced out perfectly."

Toby Wakelin, Virtual IT

Toby, Virtual IT

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Meet The Team

Customer Success Manager

Louise Kearney

Customer Success Manager

Louise is Cloudmore’s customer advocate and business consultant. She leads the customer experience to ensure that every person that signs up to Cloudmore receives the full benefits of our platform.

Customer Success Executive

Allister Moore

Customer Success Executive

Allister is Cloudmore’s first responder to all inbound customer inquiries. Allister leans on 20 years of experience offering clients in emerging mobile and SaaS-based industries first class training and support.

Sales Manager

Dyfed Wallis

Sales Manager

Dyfed has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. As Sales Manager at Cloudmore, Dyfed offers expert consultancy and support to businesses looking to optimize and expand the provision of their cloud services.

Product manager

Mihkel Kerem

Product Manager

Mihkel leads Cloudmore’s development team, prioritizing our backlog of new features and bugs. He has over six years’ experience working on and leading IT projects and is an IT graduate from Talinn University.

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