Cloudmore Features.

This page lists the current cloud management, e-commerce and automation features of Cloudmore.



Cloudmore consists of 4 layers enabling extensibility and customization and includes:

  • Multi-tiered user levels 
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Full real-time provisioning of cloud services
  • Reporting engine
  • Feedback module
  • Multi-level authentication
  • Totally responsive - Any device or browser

Management Tier



The management tier enables a view of all service providers under management and includes the following features: 

  • Aggregated view of service providers
  • Aggregated reporting
  • Event logs across service providers and organizations
  • Search across service providers and organizations
  • Manage price lists
  • Manage language
  • Manage service properties

Service Provider Tier


The Service Provider Tier enables the internal or external IT support function to manage on behalf of or delegate IT management to the organization or department and includes the following functions:  

  • Aggregated view of organizations & Services
  • Service cost pricing service sale pricing
  • Manage cloud store
  • Cloud store customization
  • White label - Logo / URL
  • Promote services / messages to organizational dashboards
  • Cloud quote tool
  • Aggregated event log
  • Manage organizations
  • Manage services plan
  • Import organizations
  • Import users
  • Manage services
  • Aggregated reporting - Billing, Snapshot and Renewal
  • Aggregated event log
  • Search across all organizations and users
  • Add custom products
  • Suspend organizations
  • Create groups
  • Raise support ticket

Organizational or Department Level


Organizational or department administrators can buy, provision and manage services themselves using the following features:  

  • Dashboard
  • Buy from cloud store
  • Provision and manage services
  • Raise support ticket
  • Manage organization
  • Import users
  • Manage users
  • Create groups
  • Manage services
  • View organizational event log
  • View price list

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