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What makes our Cloudmore right for you?


With no hardware to deploy or complex software to manage Cloudmore reduces the time to profit and lowers risk. Our approach ensures that your day to day management of service and customers is fast and easy driving down your costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


With over 10 years’ experience in service automation, our development team deeply understand the do’s and don’ts of cloud service integrations. Complex, API based provisioning of user and resource based services is a thing of the past and is presented to you as simple web based tasks.


The best user experience is paramount whether you are a technical administrator or a new employee. You want to be productive as quickly as possible. Being able to get the task done from your phone, tablet or laptop, anytime, anywhere ensures that multi cloud services management is no longer a challenge.





Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program - CSP

CSP is pre-integrated so if you are a CSP partner you are able to complete all day to day tasks without leaving the Cloudmore. Further more you can delegate tasks to your customers including adds, moves and changes to reduce your management costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Learn more about CSP and Cloudmore by clicking the link below:





Branded Storefront

Create your personalized private cloud store where you and your customers click to buy services and your own custom productsand services, such as professional services or hardware. Customer pricing is fully customizable.





Cloud quotes made easy

Easily create cloud quotes that include multiple cloud services and custom products to create bespoke bundles. Adjust the pricing at the point of quote and email the quote directly from the platform.




Customer Self Service

Reduce your support costs by encouraging your customers to own the simple day to day tasks of adds, moves and changes. They will be able to work 24/7, increasing customer satisfaction with the solution.






Customer Support

Tickets can be sent directly to your support system directly from Cloudmore. Additional integration with your business systems is also possible.




Cloud Automation

Fully automate your end-to-end cloud services provisioning and management and offer end-customer self-service.  Functionality will depend on service cloud-readiness. Cloudmore have successfully integrated and automated public and private cloud, infrastructure to SaaS. 




Unified Billing

Your multi-cloud billing computations and reconciliations can be reduced by 90%. Instantly take a snapshot of any customer, review contract renewals and create a monthly billing file. Service usage and utilization reports show the opportunities and profitability.





Reporting and BI

One of the biggest advantages to bringing all your cloud services together in once place is the consolidated reporting. It instantly lends important insights, strengthening your marketing, sales, finance and support activities.





Earn additional cloud margins

All customers on the Standard and Advanced plan can resell the platform to their customers to earn additional margins and increase customer stickiness.

Contact us for details of the customer plans.









At a glance dashboard and views

Whether you are looking at your customers or services, you will get a 360 degree view of the information that matters most to you. Whether you are an administrator, manager or user, you are in control of your cloud services world, from one place.