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All your cloud services 

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Cloudmore provides a simple, powerful and beautiful way for you to procure, deploy and consume your IT services. Cloudmore enables customizable IT automation, distributed control and relevant cost reconciliations that lower your operational overhead and increase business agility.  




Take the headache out of your cloud IT procurement. Any IT/professional service or physical product can be easily integrated to create a personalized, curated catalog, that can be offered to your internal or external customers. Cloudmore encourages your users to self-serve and enhances cross and up-sell. Time spent on contracts, onboarding, and billing will be significantly reduced.



Having a single tool to provision and manage your subscriptions or bundles reduces time-to-success, as the administrators and managers use one familiar user interface and repeatable processes for all services. Cloud services integrated in the platform benefit from standardized deployment workflows and automated communications to the users.




With most organizations now using many cloud services, knowing what apps and services are being used, by whom and, at what cost is an increasingly problematic challenge.  By automating your daily IT tasks and having greater visability into usage and utilization time can be saved and costs reduced. 

With powerful report-based BI, with easy data export, Cloudmore solves your cloud billing and administration complexities.

Branded Storefront

So you want to offer your customers a private, white-label, self-service cloud buying experience? With Cloudmore you are good to go.

Your end-user pricing can be customized on a global, or customer basis, and your bespoke custom products or services can be added to support professional services or hardware sales.  Quotes can easily be produced to create personalized  bundles of cloud and non-cloud services and products. 


For Cloud Providers

Cloudmore can help you build an efficient and profitable cloud business.


For Business

Cloudmore centralizes your cloud services management, lowering your risk and costs.


For ISV/CSPs/Distributors

Quickly reach a global marketplace of IT resellers, end-customers and users.